Nebraska Revised Statute 29-1301.02

Chapter 29


Venue; crime committed on moving means of transportation.

When an offense is committed in this state, on board a vessel navigating a river, bay, slough, lake, or canal, or lying therein, in the prosecution of its voyage, or on a railroad train, or car, motor vehicle, common carrier transporting passengers, or on an aircraft prosecuting its trip, the accused may be tried in any county through, on, or over which the vessel, train, car, motor vehicle, common carrier, or aircraft passes in the course of its voyage or trip, or in the county in which the voyage or trip terminates.


  • Laws 1957, c. 103, § 3, p. 364.


  • Two jury instructions read in conjunction with one another correctly instructed the jury that the offenses must have been "committed in this state." Taken as a whole, the instructions as to venue did not relieve the State of its burden to prove the acts were committed in Nebraska, and the defendant was not prejudiced as to necessitate a reversal on these grounds. State v. Lee, 304 Neb. 252, 934 N.W.2d 145 (2019).

  • Venue confirmed in county where auto trip originated and ended, during which sexual assault occurred. State v. Tiff, 199 Neb. 519, 260 N.W.2d 296 (1977).