Nebraska Revised Statute 28-929.01

Chapter 28


Assault on an emergency care provider or a health care professional; terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 28-929, 28-929.02, 28-930, 28-931, and 28-931.01:

(1) Emergency care provider means (a) an emergency medical responder; (b) an emergency medical technician; (c) an advanced emergency medical technician; (d) a community paramedic; (e) a critical care paramedic; or (f) a paramedic, as those persons are licensed and classified under the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act;

(2) Health care professional means a physician or other health care practitioner who is licensed, certified, or registered to perform specified health services consistent with state law who practices at a hospital or a health clinic;

(3) Health clinic has the definition found in section 71-416; and

(4) Hospital has the definition found in section 71-419.

Cross References

  • Emergency Medical Services Practice Act, see section 38-1201.