Nebraska Revised Statute 28-909

Chapter 28


Falsifying records of a public utility; penalty.

(1) Any person who shall knowingly falsify or direct or authorize the falsifying of any record of a public utility operating in the State of Nebraska in any manner affecting directly or indirectly the value of its investment or the rate of return or earnings or expenditures of such public utility or who shall certify any reports of the investment, operating receipts, or expenditures of such public utilities to any regulatory body, whether state or municipal, under any statute, order, resolution, or ordinance lawfully passed, knowing such reports so certified to contain any item or element of rebate, secret charge, bonus, or gratuity paid or promised to any officer, stockholder, agent, or other person, directly or indirectly, or knowing such report to be untrue or incomplete in any particular, without disclosing this information in such report, shall be guilty of falsifying records of a public utility.

(2) Falsifying records of a public utility is a Class I misdemeanor.


  • Laws 1977, LB 38, § 194.