Nebraska Revised Statute 28-824

Chapter 28


Trial; precedence; evidence; admissible; existence of nuisance; enjoin defendant.

The action provided for in sections 28-807 to 28-829 shall be set down for trial and shall have precedence over all other cases except crimes, election contests, or injunctions. In such action evidence of the general reputation of the place or an admission or finding of guilt of any person under the criminal laws of this state against obscenity at any such place shall be admissible for the purpose of proving the existence of such nuisance and shall be prima facie evidence of such nuisance and of knowledge of and acquiescence and participation therein on the part of the person charged with maintaining such nuisance. If the existence of the nuisance is established upon the trial, a judgment shall be entered which shall perpetually enjoin the defendant or the same defendant acting directly or indirectly through other persons from further maintaining the nuisance at the place complained of or at any other location whether within or without the judicial district of the court hearing such proceedings for a period of three years.


  • Laws 1977, LB 38, § 180.