Nebraska Revised Statute 28-645

Chapter 28


Criminal impersonation by stolen valor; penalty; restitution.

(1) A person commits the offense of criminal impersonation by stolen valor if such person:

(a)(i) Pretends to be an active member or veteran of the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or Space Force, including armed forces reserves and the National Guard, through the unauthorized manufacture, sale, possession, or use of military regalia or gear, including the wearing of military uniforms or the use of falsified military identification; and

(ii) Does an act in such fictitious capacity with the intent to:

(A) Gain a pecuniary benefit for such person or another person; and

(B) Deceive or harm another person; or

(b) With the intent to deceive or harm another, fraudulently represents such person to be a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman Badge, Combat Action Badge, Combat Medical Badge, Combat Action Ribbon, Air Force Combat Action Medal, or another similar award or honor and obtains money, property, or anything of value through such fraudulent representation.

(2) A violation of this section is a Class I misdemeanor.

(3) A person found guilty of violating this section may, in addition to the penalty under subsection (2) of this section, be ordered to make restitution pursuant to sections 29-2280 to 29-2289.