Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1439.03

Chapter 28


County Drug Law Enforcement and Education Fund Board; membership; terms; powers and duties; rules and regulations.

A County Drug Law Enforcement and Education Fund Board shall be created by each county of this state to administer its respective fund pursuant to section 28-1439.02. The board may authorize use of the fund for drug enforcement and drug education purposes, in its own or any other county, by village, city, county, or state law enforcement agencies.

The board shall consist of the county attorney and three representatives of law enforcement agencies who shall be appointed by the county attorney. One representative shall be from the county sheriff's office, one representative shall be from a city or village police department within the county, and one representative shall be from the Nebraska State Patrol. Terms shall be for two years, except that the initial term of the police department representative shall be for one year. The county attorney shall serve as chairperson.

If during any fiscal year the fund contains money forfeited pursuant to subdivision (1)(h) of section 28-431, the board shall meet at least once during such year and make an accounting of the expenditures of the fund. At the end of any fiscal year in which the fund has contained money, the board shall make a report summarizing the use of the fund during such year to the Auditor of Public Accounts, except that such report shall contain no information which would jeopardize an ongoing investigation. Such report shall indicate the amount of money placed in the fund, the amount of money disbursed, the number of cases opened and closed in which the fund was utilized, and the drug education activities for which money in the fund was utilized. The board may adopt and promulgate all rules and regulations necessary for the expenditures and accountability of such fund.