Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1231

Chapter 28


Explosives control; permit; revocation; grounds.

(1) The Nebraska State Patrol may revoke any permit on any ground authorized in subsection (2) of section 28-1229 for the denial of a permit or for any violation of the terms of such permit, for a violation of any provision of this article or of the rules and regulations of the Nebraska State Patrol, or for noncompliance with any order issued by the Nebraska State Patrol within the time specified in such order.

(2) Revocation of a permit for any ground authorized may be ordered only after giving written notice and an opportunity to be heard to the holder thereof. Revocation proceedings shall be in accordance with the procedure required for contested cases set forth in the Administrative Procedure Act. Such notice may be given to the holder personally or by mail and shall specify the ground or grounds on which it is proposed to revoke the permit. When a permit is revoked, the Nebraska State Patrol may direct the disposition of the explosives held by such permittee. Upon revocation of a permit by the Nebraska State Patrol, the holder thereof shall surrender his or her permit to the Nebraska State Patrol at once or be subject to penalties as provided for elsewhere in sections 28-1213 to 28-1239.


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  • Laws 1989, LB 215, § 10.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.