Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1111

Chapter 28


Gambling device or record; money used as a bet or stake; other property; forfeited to state; hearing.

In addition to any penalty provided in section 28-1102, 28-1103, 28-1104, 28-1105, 28-1105.01, or 28-1107, a sentencing court may order that any money, securities, negotiable instruments, firearms, conveyances, or electronic communication devices as defined in section 28-833 or any equipment, components, peripherals, software, hardware, or accessories related to electronic communication devices, or any gambling devices be forfeited as a part of the sentence imposed if it finds by clear and convincing evidence adduced at a separate hearing in the same prosecution, conducted pursuant to section 28-1601, that any or all such property was derived from, used, or intended to be used to facilitate a violation of section 28-1102, 28-1103, 28-1104, 28-1105, 28-1105.01, or 28-1107.



  • Statutes prohibiting possession or use of gambling devices and providing their forfeiture are a valid exercise of the State's power. State v. Two IGT Video Poker Games, 237 Neb. 145, 465 N.W.2d 453 (1991).