Nebraska Revised Statute 25-501

Chapter 25


Actions; how commenced.

A civil action must be commenced by filing a complaint in the office of the clerk of a proper court.


Cross References

  • When action is deemed commenced, see section 25-217.
  • Workers' compensation cases, petition, filing, contents, see section 48-173.


  • When disbarred attorney commenced action, dismissal was proper. Niklaus v. Abel Construction Co., 164 Neb. 842, 83 N.W.2d 904 (1957).

  • A writ of replevin which is quashed or dismissed does not give the court jurisdiction to continue with the action. Tiedtke v. Whalen, 133 Neb. 301, 275 N.W. 79 (1937).

  • It is not essential that action be denominated either in law or in equity; if facts pleaded constitute cause of action or defense, courts will award relief. Rhoads v. Columbia Fire Underwriters Agency, 128 Neb. 710, 260 N.W. 174 (1935).

  • Cited in case involving amendment of summons on appeal from compensation award. Keil v. Farmers Irr. Dist., 119 Neb. 503, 229 N.W. 898 (1930).

  • Action is deemed commenced as to defendant, at date of summons which is served upon him. Ramirez v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. R. Co., 116 Neb. 740, 219 N.W. 1 (1928).

  • One not served with process in an action, who does not appear in person, or by attorney, is not bound by judgment rendered therein. Lipps v. Panko, 93 Neb. 469, 140 N.W. 761 (1913).

  • New summons is unnecessary on amendment of petition if same causes of action are preserved. Schuyler Nat. Bank v. Bollong, 28 Neb. 684, 45 N.W. 164 (1890).