Nebraska Revised Statute 24-230

Chapter 24


Judicial hearing officer; appointment by Supreme Court; powers; qualifications; rights of parties.

(1) The Supreme Court may appoint judicial hearing officers as needed to serve on a full-time or part-time basis for county courts sitting as juvenile courts and for separate juvenile courts. A judicial hearing officer is entitled to receive a salary as established by the Supreme Court.

(2) In accordance with the rules of the Supreme Court, a judicial hearing officer may preside in, hear, and determine any case or proceeding initiated under the Nebraska Juvenile Code.

(3) To be qualified for appointment as a judicial hearing officer, a person shall be an attorney in good standing admitted to the practice of law in the State of Nebraska and shall meet any other requirements imposed by the Supreme Court. A judicial hearing officer shall be sworn or affirmed to faithfully hear and examine the cause and to make a just and true report according to the best of his or her understanding. The oath or affirmation may be administered by any judge of the State of Nebraska. A judicial hearing officer may be removed at any time by the Supreme Court.

(4) In any and all cases referred to a judicial hearing officer by a county court sitting as a juvenile court or a separate juvenile court, the parties shall have the right to take exceptions to the findings and recommendations made by the hearing officer and to have a further hearing before such court for final disposition. The court upon receipt of the findings, recommendations, and exceptions shall review the judicial hearing officer's report and may accept or reject all or any part of the report and enter judgment based on the court's own determination.

(5) The Supreme Court shall promulgate rules for all other qualifications of judicial hearing officers; for the extent of authority which may be assigned and the procedure for assignment of authority by a county court sitting as a juvenile court or a separate juvenile court; for practice and procedure before such judicial hearing officers; and for the training of judicial hearing officers, including rules for training sessions and continuing education requirements.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Juvenile Code, see section 43-2,129.