Nebraska Revised Statute 21-117

Chapter 21


Formation; certificate of organization and other filings.

(RULLCA 201) (a) One or more persons may act as organizers to form a limited liability company by signing and delivering to the Secretary of State for filing a certificate of organization and, if applicable, a current certificate of registration as provided in sections 21-185 to 21-189.

(b) A certificate of organization must state:

(1) the name of the limited liability company, which must comply with section 21-108;

(2) the street and mailing addresses of the initial designated office and the name and street and mailing addresses and post office box number, if any, of the initial agent for service of process of the company; and

(3) if the company is organized to render a professional service, the professional service its members, managers, professional employees, and agents are licensed or otherwise legally authorized to render in this state.

(c) Subject to subsection (c) of section 21-112, a certificate of organization may also contain statements as to matters other than those required by subsection (b) of this section. However, a statement in a certificate of organization is not effective as a statement of authority.

(d) The following rules apply to the filing of a certificate of organization:

(1) A limited liability company is formed when the Secretary of State has filed the certificate of organization and a certificate of registration, if applicable, and the company has at least one member, unless the certificate states a delayed effective date pursuant to subsection (c) of section 21-121.

(2) If the certificate states a delayed effective date, a limited liability company is not formed if, before the certificate takes effect, a statement of cancellation is signed and delivered to the Secretary of State for filing and the Secretary of State files the certificate.

(3) Subject to any delayed effective date and except in a proceeding by this state to dissolve a limited liability company, the filing of the certificate of organization by the Secretary of State is conclusive proof that the organizer satisfied all conditions to the formation of a limited liability company.