Nebraska Revised Statute 2-502

Chapter 2


Statement of policy; purpose of act.

It is the policy of this state that hemp is recognized as a viable agricultural crop. The purpose of the Nebraska Hemp Farming Act is to:

(1) Align state law with federal law regarding the cultivation, handling, marketing, and processing of hemp and hemp products;

(2) Promote the cultivation and processing of hemp and open up new commercial markets for farmers and businesses through the sale of hemp products;

(3) Establish testing and compliance procedures;

(4) Promote the expansion of Nebraska's hemp industry to the maximum extent permitted by law and allow farmers and businesses to cultivate, handle, and process hemp and sell hemp products for commercial purposes;

(5) Encourage and empower research into hemp cultivation and the processing of hemp products at postsecondary institutions in the state and in the private sector;

(6) Facilitate interstate commerce by not impeding the shipment of hemp into and out of this state; and

(7) Return Nebraska to the forefront of the hemp industry.