Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3969

Chapter 2


Sale of milk and milk products; conditions.

(1) Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section, only milk and milk products from approved sources with an appropriate permit issued by the department or a similar regulatory authority of another state shall be sold to the final consumer or to restaurants, soda fountains, grocery stores, or similar establishments.

(2) In an emergency, the sale of pasteurized milk and milk products which have not been graded or the grade of which is unknown may be authorized by the regulatory agency, in which case such milk and milk products shall be labeled as ungraded.

(3) Milk and cream produced by farmers exclusively for sale at the farm directly to customers for consumption and not for resale shall be exempt from the Nebraska Milk Act.

(4) If the permit of a Grade A milk producer is suspended for sanitary or milk quality violations, the producer may market milk, for manufacturing purposes only, for an interim period not to exceed sixty days with the approval of the department, if the milk meets the criteria of manufacturing grade milk.