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77-1101 Act, how cited.
77-1101.01 Act; purposes.
77-1102 Definitions, where found.
77-1103 Applicable percentage, defined.
77-1104 Credit allowance date, defined.
77-1105 Letter ruling, defined.
77-1106 Long-term debt security, defined.
77-1107 Purchase price, defined.
77-1108 Qualified active low-income community business, defined.
77-1109 Qualified community development entity, defined.
77-1110 Qualified equity investment, defined.
77-1111 Qualified low-income community investment, defined.
77-1112 Tax credit, defined.
77-1112.01 2021 allocation, defined.
77-1112.02 2021 federal notice, defined.
77-1113 Vested tax credit; utilization.
77-1114 Tax credit; not refundable or transferable; allocation; carry forward.
77-1115 Tax Commissioner; limit tax credit utilization.
77-1116 Qualified community development entity; application; deadline; form; contents; Tax Commissioner; grant or deny; notice of certification; lapse of certification; when.
77-1117 Recapture of tax credit.
77-1118 Recapture of tax credit; notice of noncompliance; cure period.
77-1119 Tax Commissioner; issue letter rulings; request; refusal to issue for good cause; letter ruling; effect.
77-1120 Qualified community development entity; report to Tax Commissioner; Tax Commissioner; report to Legislature.