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Search for statute range from 13-2601 to 13-2613
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13-2601 Act, how cited.
13-2602 Legislative findings.
13-2603 Terms, defined.
13-2604 State assistance.
13-2605 State assistance; application; contents.
13-2606 Board; powers and duties; hearing.
13-2607 Board; assistance approved; when; quorum.
13-2608 Repealed. Laws 2007, LB 551, § 10.
13-2609 Tax Commissioner; duties; certain retailers and operators; reports required.
13-2610 Convention Center Support Fund; created; use; investment; distribution to certain areas; development fund; committee; duties; report; recipient; report.
13-2611 Bonds; issuance; election.
13-2612 Act; applications; limitation.
13-2613 Rules and regulations.