Journal Summary for March 24th, 2022

107th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 47

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Document Description Journal Page
LR361 Referred to Executive Board 980
LR360 Referred to Executive Board 979
LB1013 Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment 979
LR361 Date of introduction 979
LR360 Date of introduction 979
LB1013 Lathrop AM2252 lost 979
LB1013 Lathrop AM2256 lost 978
LB1013 Stinner MO182 prevailed 978
LB1013 Stinner MO182 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed 978
LB1013 Cavanaugh, M. MO181 withdrawn 978
LB1013 Cavanaugh, M. MO181 Bracket until April 5, 2022 filed 978
LB1014 Placed on Select File with ER155 978
LR359 Referred to Executive Board 978
LB1014 Enrollment and Review ER155 filed 978
LR359 Date of introduction 977
LB1012 McDonnell AM2510 filed 977
LB805 Brandt AM2581 filed 976
LB709 Hilkemann AM2248 filed 976
LB1012 Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment 975
LB1012 Friesen AM2349 adopted 975
LB1012 Bostelman FA149 adopted 975
LB919 Hansen, M. AM2549 filed 975
LB1012 Stinner MO180 prevailed 974
LB1012 Stinner MO180 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed 974
LB1012 Friesen AM2344 withdrawn 974
LB1012 Bostelman FA149 filed 974
LB933 Hunt AM2568 filed 973
LB933 Hunt AM2566 filed 973
LB933 Hunt AM2567 filed 973
LB1011 Cavanaugh, J. FA146 filed 973
LB1023 Cavanaugh, M. AM2573 filed 972
LB1015 Cavanaugh, M. AM2577 filed 972
LB919 Hansen, M. AM2565 filed 972
LB919 Cavanaugh, J. AM2545 filed 971
LB1012 Friesen AM2344 pending 968
LB919 Cavanaugh, J. AM2551 filed 968
LB1012 Friesen AM2351 withdrawn 968
LB1012 Friesen AM2576 lost 967
LB1011 Cavanaugh, J. MO178 failed 967
LB1011 Lathrop AM2110 adopted 967
LB1011 Lathrop AM2465 adopted 967
LB1011 Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment 967
LB1012 Friesen FA147 withdrawn 967
LB1012 Friesen AM2576 filed 967
LB1012 Enrollment and Review ER148 adopted 967
LB1012 Friesen FA147 filed 967
LB1011 Stinner MO179 prevailed 966
LB1011 Stinner MO179 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed 966
LB1011 Cavanaugh, J. MO178 Bracket until March 25, 2022 filed 966
LB1241 Flood name added 965
LB1014 Friesen AM2537 filed 962
LB1014 Friesen AM2534 filed 962
LB1014 Friesen AM2536 filed 962
LB512 Brewer AM2357 filed 962
LR335 Reported to the Legislature for further consideration 961
LB1014 Friesen AM2550 filed 961
LB852 Day AM2563 filed 961
LB1011 Lathrop AM2465 pending 961
LB919 Hansen, M. AM2547 filed 961
LB1011 Lathrop AM2110 pending 960
LB1011 Lathrop AM2222 withdrawn 960
LB1010 Placed on General File with AM2435 960
LB1011 Enrollment and Review ER150 adopted 960
LB1010 Judiciary AM2435 filed 960
LB1011 Lathrop AM2465 filed 960
LB921 Placed on General File with AM2503 955
LB921 Judiciary AM2503 filed 955