Journal Summary for September 20th, 2021

107th Legislature, 1st Special Session - Day 6

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Document Description Journal Page
LB3 Hansen, M. AM26 filed 55
LB3 Placed on General File 55
LB3 Erdman MO3 Recommit to Redistricting Committee filed 57
LB3 Erdman MO3 withdrawn 57
LB3 Kolterman AM27 filed 57
LB3 Kolterman AM27 adopted 59
LB3 Hansen, M. AM26 pending 59
LB3 Hughes MO5 pending 59
LB3 Hughes MO5 Reconsider the vote on AM27 filed 59
LB3 Hughes MO5 pending 60
LB3 Linehan MO6 Invoke cloture filed 61
LB3 Linehan MO6 failed 61