Journal Summary for September 17th, 2021

107th Legislature, 1st Special Session - Day 5

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Document Description Journal Page
LR202 Notice of hearing for October 01, 2021 (cancel) 0
LB1 Blood AM15 filed 50
LB1 Placed on General File 50
LB1 Blood AM15 pending 50
LB1 Hansen, M. AM12 filed 51
LB5 Placed on General File 51
LB6 Placed on General File 51
LB1 Blood AM15 withdrawn 51
LB1 Linehan MO2 Invoke cloture filed 52
LB1 Wayne MO1 Recommit to Redistricting Committee filed 52
LB1 Morfeld AM17 filed 53
LB1 Linehan AM18 filed 53
LB1 Linehan AM20 filed 53
LB1 Linehan MO2 failed 53
LB1 Hansen, M. AM12 pending 53
LB1 Wayne MO1 pending 53
LB1 Hunt AM16 filed 54
LB1 Hunt AM23 filed 54
LB1 McCollister AM25 filed 54