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Considered Amendment Details - LB775
Number Introducer Explanation Status Journal Vote
FA119 Chambers Amendments to Final Reading copy withdrawn 1006
MO269 Stinner Cloture prevailed 1006 Vote
MO268 Chambers Reconsider failed 1005 Vote
FA118 Chambers withdrawn 1005
MO226 Stinner Cloture prevailed 717 Vote
MO225 Chambers Reconsider failed 717 Vote
MO223 Chambers Indefinitely postpone failed 716 Vote
AM1723 Appropriations adopted 515 Vote
MO215 Chambers Recommit to Committee failed 629 Vote
MO212 Stinner Cloture prevailed 629 Vote
MO214 Chambers Reconsider failed 628 Vote
MO213 Chambers Bracket failed 627 Vote
MO207 Chambers Reconsider failed 561 Vote
FA99 Chambers Amendments to Committee amendments lost 560 Vote
MO206 Chambers Reconsider failed 560 Vote
FA98 Stinner Amendments to Committee amendments adopted 559 Vote