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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB72 McCoy Passed Change provisions relating to use of interest-bearing trust accounts under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB73 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Change interstate simulcast facility license requirements
LB167 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Change balloting and vacancy provisions for presidential electors
LB207 McCoy Passed Change motor vehicle registration provisions
LB207A McCoy Passed Appropriation Bill
LB222 McCoy Passed Change provisions regarding certain reports submitted electronically to the Legislature
LB257 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to creation of municipal counties
LB298 McCoy Passed Change provisions relating to controlled substances schedules
LB405 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Eliminate certain sales tax exemptions, corporate and individual income taxes, and the franchise tax and change other tax provisions
LB406 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Change tax provisions
LB669 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Transfer cash reserve funds to the Property Tax Credit Cash Fund
LB670 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Change property tax valuations of agricultural land and horticultural land
LB826 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Provide for a study relating to education incentives for high-need occupations
LB917 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Provide procedures for donation of real property to the Northeast Community College Area
LR25 McCoy Congratulate Elyse Mancuso for winning the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament
LR26 McCoy Congratulate the Elkhorn South High School girls' golf team for winning the 2012 Class B state championship
LR27 McCoy Congratulate the Elkhorn South High School boys' tennis team for winning the 2012 Class B state championship
LR28 McCoy Congratulate the Mount Michael Benedictine High School boys' cross country team for winning the 2012 Class B state championship
LR145 McCoy Congratulate Jack Hoffman for his Husker spring football game touchdown and recognize his courageous personal struggle with brain cancer
LR359 McCoy Extend gratitude to Kali Smith and her family for their support of Tyler's Law
LR366 McCoy Recognize Aaron and Erin Ruskamp and their family for their efforts to raise awareness of anencephaly
LR487 McCoy Indefinitely postponed Urge Congress to enact comprehensive health care reform