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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB154 Geist Passed Exempt completion certification for dam or reservoir from filing fee
LB164 Geist Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to trailers, commercial motor vehicle disqualification provisions, accident reports, and motor vehicle records disclosure and authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep and sell certain registration and certificate of title records
LB347 Geist Passed Change provisions relating to school bus permits and qualifications
LB895 Geist Indefinitely postponed Change lien and flood-damaged brand provisions relating to motor vehicle certificates of title and change duties and requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles as prescribed
LB896 Geist Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to electronic certificates of title, salvage vehicles, and the electronic dealer services system and Vehicle Title and Registration System maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles
LB1018 Geist Indefinitely postponed Provide for inadmissibility of audio and video recordings of legislative proceedings, require a notice regarding prohibited uses of such recordings, and provide that such recordings are not public records
LR62 Geist Congratulate the Lincoln Christian High School girls' basketball team for winning the Class C-1 state championship
LR119 Geist Congratulate the Villa Marie Eagles on winning the 2017 Special Olympics state basketball tournament
LR334 Geist Congratulate the Lincoln East High School wrestling team on its state wrestling championship and Maxx Mayfield, Chance Fry, and DaShawn Dixon on their individual state wrestling titles