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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB840 Fox Passed Change provisions relating to the time allowed for certain internal grievances under the Health Carrier External Review Act
LB898 Fox Passed Exempt persons solely engaged in natural hair braiding from credentialing requirements under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB962 Fox Indefinitely postponed Change requirements for the practice of acupuncture
LB963 Fox Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to area plans and budgets under the Nebraska Community Aging Services Act
LB1020 Fox Indefinitely postponed Provide for amendments to declarations to correct scrivener's errors, omissions, or errors in the declaration under the Nebraska Condominium Act
LB1060 Fox Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Pharmacy Benefit Fairness and Transparency Act and provide duties for the Director of Insurance
LR400 Fox Recognize Beauchamp Alejandro and all other contributors to the "You Look Good, You Feel Good" event in Omaha
LR401 Fox Congratulate the Omaha South High School Magnet School dance team on performing at the 2016 Sugar Bowl and winning the Sugar Bowl Spirit Award
LR487 Fox Congratulate the Omaha South High Magnet School boys' basketball team on winning the 2016 Class A state championship
LR521 Fox Referral Interim study to examine the business practices of pharmacy benefit managers as those practices relate to such managers' arrangements with private entities, insurers, pharmacies, and the State of Nebraska