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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB774 Pirsch Passed Change provisions relating to filing corrected or amended annual and biennial reports with the Secretary of State
LB775 Seiler Indefinitely postponed Provide for disclosure of a decedent's financial information as prescribed
LB776 Hadley Passed Adopt and update references to certain federal provisions related to motor vehicles
LB777 Hadley Passed Change license renewal and issuance provisions under the Motor Vehicle Operator's License Act
LB778 Chambers Indefinitely postponed Require certain entities to comply with provisions on open meetings, public records, and conflicts of interest
LB779 Scheer Indefinitely postponed Change duties of the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education relating to transfer-of-credit policies
LB780 Wightman Passed Change provisions relating to transfer on death deeds
LB781 Harms Passed Change a date relating to a community college area comprehensive audit
LB782 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Establish a return-to-learn protocol for students who have sustained a concussion
LB783 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Change distributions under the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act
LB784 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Change a provision relating to juror disqualification
LB785 Lathrop Indefinitely postponed Provide when acknowledgment is not required for contract for sale of homestead property
LB786 Crawford Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Emergency Contact Registry Act and provide powers and duties for the Department of Motor Vehicles
LB787 Schumacher Indefinitely postponed Provide an income tax deduction for loan principal payments for graduate degrees
LB788 Schumacher Passed Change provisions relating to real estate loans, fiduciary accounts, decedents' estates, hearsay exceptions, mortgages, trust deeds, and safe deposit boxes
LB789 Bolz Indefinitely postponed Provide for a survey relating to paraeducators
LB790 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require training for case managers as prescribed
LB791 McGill Indefinitely postponed Authorize cities of the first and second class and villages to borrow from state-chartered or federally chartered financial institutions
LB792 Sullivan Passed Eliminate a report requirement by the county treasurers to the State Treasurer
LB793 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Change workers' compensation death benefit provisions
LB794 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the collection of sales and use taxes on credit and debit card transactions and change sales and use tax collection fees
LB795 Harr Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to operator's license reinstatement
LB796 Harr Indefinitely postponed Provide for disposition of a tenant's personal property upon death
LB797 Nelson Indefinitely postponed Provide funding for fountains at the State Capitol
LB798 Christensen Passed Authorize power districts to use a fiscal year rather than a calendar year
LB799 Carlson Indefinitely postponed Change a filing requirement for insurance companies
LB800 Mello Passed Provide for designation of enterprise zones and preferences in certain business incentive programs
LB801 Urban Affairs Committee Indefinitely postponed Change procedures relating to declarations of nuisances in certain cities
LB802 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Eliminate provisions for adopting future amendments of certain standard codes
LB803 Urban Affairs Committee Passed Change veto power provisions for mayors of first and second class cities
LB804 Avery Indefinitely postponed Change and eliminate procedures for filling vacancies and removal of certain gubernatorial appointees
LB805 Avery Indefinitely postponed Change application requirements to Nebraska veterans homes
LB806 Avery Passed Change provisions of the MiIitary Code relating to Military Department personnel
LB807 Harms Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to provisional operator's permits, interactive wireless communication devices, and occupant protection systems and update references to certain federal provisions
LB808 Conrad Indefinitely postponed Change provisions of the Legal Education for Public Service Loan Repayment Act and transfer funds from the State Settlement Cash Fund
LB809 Coash Indefinitely postponed Exempt purchases by historic automobile museums from sales and use taxes
LB810 Watermeier Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to the enforcement and servicing of real estate loans
LB811 Schilz Passed Change provisions relating to controlled substances, prescriptions, and certain assault provisions
LB812 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Terminate the inheritance tax
LB813 Hansen Indefinitely postponed Change valuation of agricultural land and horticultural land for property tax purposes
LB814 Avery Passed Redefine all-terrain vehicle, utility-type vehicle, and sales price, change sales and use tax provisions relating to ATV's and UTV's, and change duties of sellers in the distribution of sales tax revenue to provide funding to the Game and Parks Commission
LB815 Murante Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to fiduciary accounts controlled by a trust department
LB816 Murante Passed Authorize use of electronic forms of evidence of insurance for purposes of motor vehicle registration
LB817 Haar Indefinitely postponed Change membership provisions relating to public power district boards
LB818 Haar Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to net metering
LB819 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to future advances on mortgages or trust deeds
LB820 Davis Indefinitely postponed Authorize the Governor to execute a compact for prevention and control of forest fires and provide employment status for certain volunteer firefighters
LR394 Schumacher Extend sympathy to the family of former Senator Jennie Robak
LR395 Brasch Referral Recognize February 10, 2014, as the 60th anniversary of the addition of the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance