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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB839 Council Referral Require reporting of sexual misconduct by a school employee
LB840 Council Referral Provide powers and duties relating to inmate mail
LB841 Harms Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to permits for exceeding vehicle size and weight limitations
LB842 Harms Delivered to Governor Change the termination date relating to self-sufficiency activities under the Welfare Reform Act and provide ADC data collection duties for the Department of Health and Human Services
LB843 Schumacher Referral Authorize a cause of action relating to no-reserve auctions
LB844 Hadley Referral Change child support, medical support, and parenting time provisions
LB845 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Provide reclamation requirements under the Oil Pipeline Reclamation Act
LB846 Sullivan Referral Require employers to maintain employee emergency contact information
LB847 Sullivan Referral Change the Enhanced Wireless 911 Services Act
LB848 Sullivan Referral Change the Funeral Directing and Embalming Practice Act
LB849 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Authorize the Game and Parks Commission to transfer Pibel Lake State Recreation Area to the Lower Loup Natural Resources District
LB850 Hadley Referral Create the incentive area tax credit program and authorize tax credits
LB851 Fischer Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to tax receipts
LB852 McCoy Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to corporations and professional corporations
LB853 McCoy Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to secured transactions filing information
LB854 McCoy Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to business entity dissolution and reinstatement
LB855 Fulton Referral Change sales and use tax collection fees
LB856 Larson Referral Change provisions relating to reporting of cruelty to animals and create the offense of obtaining employment at an animal facility with intent to disrupt operations
LB857 Larson Referral Provide for repayment of certain grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund as prescribed
LB858 Avery Delivered to Governor Change requirements and exceptions for certain state contracts
LB859 Avery Referral Provide funding for renovation of Centennial Mall
LB860 Hansen Delivered to Governor Change qualification and training requirements for truth and deception examiners
LB861 Cornett Delivered to Governor Change hours of sale provisions under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB862 Coash Delivered to Governor Change the salary of Supreme Court judges
LB863 Coash Delivered to Governor Include film production under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act
LB864 McGill General File Change bond recording duties of city clerks and city treasurers
LB865 McGill Delivered to Governor Authorize the voluntary waiver of compensation by jurors
LB866 Haar Referral Adopt the Nebraska Fair Employment Opportunity Act
LB867 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Change employer contribution provisions under certain county retirement plans
LB868 Urban Affairs Committee General File Authorize a city of the first class to adopt a biennial budget
LB869 Janssen Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to the State Athletic Commissioner and change membership of the Athletic Advisory Committee
LB870 Adams Delivered to Governor Provide, change, and eliminate school accountability assessment provisions and provide for career academies
LB871 Gloor Delivered to Governor Provide for policies on financial eligibility and schedules of fees and copays under the Nebraska Behavioral Health Services Act
LB872 Hadley Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to apportionment of income between states
LB873 Schilz Delivered to Governor Extend sunset of the Petroleum Release Remedial Action Cash Fund
LB874 Howard Referral Change foster care licensure provisions
LB875 Howard Referral Prohibit driving while using wireless communication devices in school crossing zones and construction zones
LB876 Wallman Referral Change insurance policy, subscriber contract, and other policy provisions relating to mammography
LB877 Wallman Referral Require disclosure of hydraulic fracturing treatment information
LB878 Wallman Delivered to Governor Change election calendar, vacancy, ballot, and counting machine provisions
LR364 McCoy Congratulate the Elkhorn High School football team for winning the 2011 Class B state championship