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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB206 Wightman Referral Provide for disposition of abandoned camper units and cabin trailers
LB207 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Authorize the Game and Parks Commission to convey real property to Sherman County for park purposes
LB208 Langemeier Delivered to Governor Provide waiver and injunctive relief powers to the Nebraska Power Review Board
LB209 Cornett Delivered to Governor Provide for delayed deductions for refunds from municipal sales and use tax receipts and access to tax returns by certified municipal employees
LB210 Cornett Delivered to Governor Change revenue and taxation provisions
LB211 Cornett Delivered to Governor Change sales and use tax provisions
LB212 Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Delivered to Governor Adopt revisions of federal motor vehicle laws and regulations and change provisions relating to towing and certificates of title
LB213 Pankonin Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Economic Development for the Heritage Nebraska Main Street Program
LB214 Pankonin Referral Require nonpartisan election of county and city officials
LB215 Fischer Delivered to Governor Change state identification card and motor vehicle operator's license provisions
LB216 Coash Delivered to Governor Provide for special interest motor vehicle plates
LB217 Fischer Referral Change the Telecommunication Relay System Act
LB218 Karpisek Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to personnel exempt from the State Personnel System
LB219 McCoy Referral Adopt the Health Care Freedom Act
LB220 Fischer Referral Change appeal procedures of the Public Service Commission
LB221 Janssen Referral Provide for drug screening of public assistance applicants and recipients
LB222 Gloor Referral Change scope of practice considerations under the Nebraska Regulation of Health Professions Act
LB223 Karpisek Referral Require insurance coverage for cochlear implants
LB224 Avery Referral Change provisions relating to recall of certain political subdivision officials
LB225 Campbell Delivered to Governor Change provisions relating to issuance of credentials under the Uniform Credentialing Act
LB226 Gloor Delivered to Governor Create the offense of assault with a bodily fluid against a public safety officer
LB227 Mello Referral Require the State Energy Office to perform a state energy assessment
LB228 Mello Delivered to Governor Provide for energy audits under the Deferred Building Renewal Act
LB229 Fischer Delivered to Governor Change and eliminate provisions relating to the Water Resources Cash Fund and the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund and provide an additional consideration for grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund
LB230 Sullivan Delivered to Governor Change access to public records
LR15 Pankonin Congratulate Gerald "Jerry" Heylmun for earning the rank of Eagle Scout
LR16 Pankonin Congratulate Superintendent Ed Kasl of the Louisville Public Schools for being named Superintendent of the Year for Region Six of the Nebraska Association of School Administrators and recognize his achievements
LR17 Pankonin Congratulate Andrew Parker for earning the rank of Eagle Scout
LR18 Pankonin Congratulate Jeff Talmon for earning the rank of Eagle Scout
LR19CA Avery Final Reading Constitutional amendment to provide that a civil officer is liable to impeachment for misdemeanors in pursuit of office