Nebraska Revised Statute 77-3503

Chapter 77


Owner, defined.

Owner shall mean the owner of record or surviving spouse, the vendee in possession under a land contract or surviving spouse, one of the joint tenants or tenants in common or surviving spouse, or the beneficiary of a trust of which the trustee is the record title owner and the beneficiary-occupant (1) has a specific right to occupy the premises as stated in the trust instrument, (2) has the right to amend or revoke the trust to obtain such power of occupancy or of title, or (3) has the power to withdraw the homestead premises from the trust and place the record title in such occupant's name. Owner shall also mean a resident of a dwelling complex, the record title owner of which is a not-for-profit corporation, who has by purchase for fair market value secured a life tenancy in a taxable unit of the complex. The deed, trust instrument, contract, or memorandum showing that the criteria of this section have been met shall be on file on the appropriate public record as of January 1 of the year for which exemption is sought, except that if such instrument is not on file as of January 1, a copy of such instrument shall be attached to such application before the homestead exemption shall be granted.