Nebraska Revised Statute 48-429

Chapter 48


Scaffolding; staging; safety devices.

Any person employing or directing another to perform labor of any kind in the erecting, altering, repairing or painting of any water pipe, standpipe, tank, smokestack, chimney, tower, steeple, pole, staff, dome or cupola, when the use of any scaffolding, staging, swing, hammock, support, temporary platform or other similar contrivance is required or used in the performance of such labor, shall keep and maintain at all times, while such labor is being performed, and such mechanical device is in use or operation, a safe and proper scaffold, stay, support or other suitable device, not more than sixteen feet below such working scaffold, staging, swing, hammock, support, or temporary platform, when such work is being performed at a height of thirty-two feet or more.


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