Nebraska Revised Statute 48-311

Chapter 48


Violations; penalties.

Whoever employs a child under sixteen years of age and whoever, having under his or her control a child under such age, causes or permits such child to be employed in violation of sections 48-302 to 48-313 is guilty of a Class II misdemeanor. Whoever continues to employ any child in violation of any of such sections, after being notified by an attendance officer or by the Department of Labor or by its assistants or employees, is, for every day thereafter that such employment continues, guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

The failure of an employer of child labor to produce, upon request of a person authorized to demand the same, any employment certificate or list required by such sections shall be prima facie evidence of the illegal employment of any child whose employment certificate is not produced or whose name is not listed. Any corporation or employer retaining employment certificates in violation of such sections is guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

Every person authorized or required to sign any certificate or statement prescribed by such sections who knowingly certifies or makes oath to any material false statement therein or who violates any of the provisions of such sections is guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

Every person who refuses admittance to any person authorized to visit or inspect any premises or place of business under the provisions of such sections and to produce all certificates and lists he or she may have when demanded, after such person shall have announced his or her name and the office he or she holds and the purpose of his or her visit, or otherwise obstructs such persons in the performance of their duties prescribed by such sections is guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.


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