Nebraska Revised Statute 48-302.03

Chapter 48


Detasseling; employment; conditions; exemption.

(1) A child under the age of twelve shall not be employed in detasseling.

(2) A child who is at least twelve years but less than sixteen years of age may be employed in detasseling if:

(a) The employment is outside of school hours during the month of June, July, or August;

(b) The employer of such child obtains the written consent of a parent of the child or a person standing in loco parentis to the child for the child to be so employed;

(c) The child is domiciled within seventy-five miles of the location where the labor is to be performed; and

(d) The child does not work more than forty-eight hours in any one week, nor more than nine hours in any one day, nor before the hour of 6 in the morning, nor after the hour of 8 in the evening if the child is under the age of fourteen, nor after the hour of 10 in the evening if the child is between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. Transportation time shall not be counted under this subdivision nor shall time spent during work breaks or waiting time spent during storm events if no work is required during those periods.

(3) Sections 48-302 and 48-310 do not apply to employment of a child in detasseling if the requirements of subsection (2) of this section are met.

(4) This section does not apply to a parent or a person standing in loco parentis who employs and directly supervises his or her own child or a child in his or her custody in a business owned and operated by such parent or person standing in loco parentis.