Nebraska Revised Statute 28-817

Chapter 28


Prosecution; temporary restraining order or injunction; when.

(1) The plaintiff, after the commencement of such action may, if he deems it necessary in order to prevent the continued use of such work, material, conduct or live performance, request a temporary restraining order or injunction against such person, firm or corporation to prevent the violation or further violation except as provided in this section.

(2) No other temporary restraining order or injunction shall issue in advance of final adjudication by the trial court in actions brought under the provisions of sections 28-816 to 28-818 when the question of whether the work, material, conduct or live performance is obscene is in issue. If an injunction is requested, any party to the action shall be entitled to a trial of the issues within ten calendar days after service of the summons has been completed, and a decision shall be rendered by the court within two judicial days of the conclusion of the trial.


  • Laws 1977, LB 38, § 173.