Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1333

Chapter 28


Receptacles; unauthorized use or possession; search warrant; prosecution of possessor.

Whenever any person who has filed for record any such name, mark, or device, or who has acquired from such person in writing the ownership of such name, mark, or device or the right to the exclusive use thereof, or any one representing such person, shall make oath before any county judge that he has reason to believe and does believe that any receptacle bearing such name, mark, or device is being unlawfully used or filled or had in possession by any other person, such judge shall thereupon issue a search warrant to discover and obtain such receptacle, and may also cause the person in whose possession such receptacle shall be found to be brought before him and shall then inquire into the circumstances of such possession and if it shall be found that such person is guilty of violating any provision in sections 28-1329 to 28-1334, he shall be punished as prescribed in section 28-1331 or 28-1332 and the possession of the property taken upon such warrant shall be awarded to the owner thereof. The remedy given by this section shall not be held to be exclusive, and offenders against any provision of said sections may also be prosecuted as in case of other misdemeanors.


  • Laws 1977, LB 38, § 317.