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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB175 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change the persons authorized to represent Nebraska under the streamlined sales and use tax agreement
LB176 Smith Indefinitely postponed Exempt military retirement benefits from taxation as prescribed
LB177 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide enforcement and penalty provisions to the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act
LB225 Smith Passed Adopt the Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening Act
LB225A Smith Indefinitely postponed Appropriation Bill
LB226 Smith Indefinitely postponed Regulate dealers in the business of purchasing and reselling precious items
LB378 Smith Indefinitely postponed Eliminate fees for the issuance of certain license plates
LB478 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide requirements for awards under the Access College Early Scholarship Program Act
LB584 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act medical guidelines and independent medical examiner provisions
LB585 Smith Passed Change provisions relating to learning communities and learning community coordinating councils
LB754 Smith Indefinitely postponed Provide funds for career education programs
LB756 Smith Indefinitely postponed Redefine bicycle and motor vehicle
LB757 Smith Passed Create a mailbox location exception and repeal an obsolete road numbering system requirement
LB758 Smith Passed Change duties relating to registration certificates for trailers
LB865 Smith Indefinitely postponed Eliminate certain taxing authority of learning communities and change state aid calculations
LB892 Smith Indefinitely postponed Change enforcement provisions of the One-Call Notification System Act
LR179 Smith Recognize the 20th anniversary of the commissioning of the USS Nebraska
LR229 Smith Recognize Dr. Rick Black for his accomplishments and recognize the forty years he has dedicated to education
LR267 Smith Referral Interim study to review the One-Call Notification System Act
LR268 Smith Referral Interim study to examine issues surrounding new residential and commercial development in our state's urban areas
LR302 Smith Referral Interim study to examine the generation of energy in Nebraska through the use of renewable energy sources and to provide a comparison with other states
LR358 Smith Congratulate the Papillion-La Vista boys' track and field team for their accomplishments in the 2013 Class A state championship
LR547 Smith Referral Interim study to examine issues surrounding labor shortage areas in the state and opportunities available to Nebraska's future workforce