As part of its effort to inform the public about important public policy issues, the Legislature makes various reports available to the public, generally in PDF format.

Agency Reports

Fiscal/Budget Reports

These reports include biennial budget reports, Appropriations Committee budget recommendations, and other reports relating to budgetary and revenue matters. They are generally prepared by the Legislative Fiscal Office.

General Research Reports

Included in the general research reports are session summaries authored from a research perspective and reports on the status of various state-level boards and commissions, as well as other reports of general research value. These reports are typically prepared by the Legislative Research Office.

Interim Study Resolutions

Interim study resolutions are introduced by senators and committees in order to examine public policy issues in-depth during the interim.

Performance Audit Reports

These reports are prepared by the Legislative Audit Office under the direction of the Legislative Auditor. These reports include examinations of state agency performance and audits of the implementation of public policy initiatives as part of the Legislature's oversight role.

Public Counsel Reports

These reports are prepared by the Office of Public Counsel, also known as the State Ombudsman's Office, and include the office's annual reports.

Registered Lobbyists

These reports are lists of lobbyists currently registered in Nebraska with the Office of the Clerk of the Legislature.

Revisor of Statutes Reports

These reports include information on recent operative dates of legislation, statutory section number assignments, and reissue and supplement volumes of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.