Nebraska Revised Statute 76-2,126

Revised Statutes » Chapter 76 » 76-2,126
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76-2,126. Certain conveyances; filing of death certificate and attached cover sheet with register of deeds.

If a conveyance of real estate was pursuant to (1) a transfer on death deed due to the death of the transferor or the death of a surviving joint tenant of the transferor, (2) a joint tenancy deed due to the death of a joint tenant, or (3) the expiration of a life estate, then a death certificate shall be filed with the register of deeds to document the transfer of title to the beneficiary of the transfer on death deed, to the surviving joint tenant or joint tenants, or to the holder of an interest in real estate which receives that interest as a result of the death of a life tenant. A cover sheet indicating the title of the document, the previously recorded document data, and the grantor, surviving grantee, and legal description of the property being transferred shall be attached to the death certificate and recorded.


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