Nebraska Revised Statute 32-602

Chapter 32 Section 602


Candidate; general requirements; limitation on filing for office.

(1) Any person seeking an elective office shall be a registered voter at the time of filing for the office pursuant to section 32-606 or 32-611.

(2) Any person filing for office shall meet the constitutional and statutory requirements of the office for which he or she is filing. If a person is filing for a partisan office, he or she shall be a registered voter affiliated with the appropriate political party if required pursuant to section 32-702. If the person is required to sign a contract or comply with a bonding or equivalent commercial insurance policy requirement prior to holding such office, he or she shall be at least nineteen years of age at the time of filing for the office.

(3) A person shall not be eligible to file for an office if he or she holds the office and his or her term of office expires after the beginning of the term of office for which he or she would be filing. This subsection does not apply to filing for an office to represent a different district, ward, subdistrict, or subdivision of the same governmental entity as the office held at the time of filing.

(4) The governing body of the political subdivision swearing in the officer shall determine whether the person meets all requirements prior to swearing in the officer.