Nebraska Revised Statute 29-2524.01

Revised Statutes » Chapter 29 » 29-2524.01
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29-2524.01. Criminal homicide; report filed by county attorney; contents; time of filing.

Each county attorney shall file a report with the State Court Administrator for each criminal homicide case filed by him. The report shall include (1) the initial charge filed, (2) any reduction in the initial charge and whether such reduction was the result of a plea bargain or some other reason, (3) dismissals prior to trial, (4) outcome of the trial including not guilty, guilty as charged, guilty of a lesser included offense, or dismissal, (5) the sentence imposed, (6) whether an appeal was taken, and (7) such other information as may be required by the State Court Administrator. Such report shall be filed not later than thirty days after ultimate disposition of the case by the court.


    Laws 1978, LB 749, ยง 1.