44-1640. Employee; involuntary termination of employment; coverage continued; conditions; premium rate.

An employer or employer trust group policy or contract delivered or issued for delivery in this state which provides coverage to a group which, based on the number of employees, is not a group subject to section 4980B of the Internal Revenue Code and which provides hospital, surgical, or major medical coverage, or any combination of such coverages, on an expense-incurred or service basis by an insurance company or health maintenance organization for employees or their families, but not a policy or contract which provides benefits for specific diseases or for accidental injuries only, shall provide that an employee whose hospital, surgical, or major medical coverage under the group policy or contract would otherwise be terminated because of the involuntary termination of employment of such employee, for reasons other than misconduct in connection with employment, shall be entitled to continue such coverage subject to the provisions of the group policy or contract and the following conditions:

(1) Such coverage shall be continued on a monthly renewal basis until the earliest of the following dates:

(a) The date of expiration of a period of six months following the date the coverage of the terminated employee would otherwise be terminated;

(b) The date the terminated employee becomes eligible for other group hospital, surgical, or medical coverage, whether insured or self-insured, or the date the terminated employee becomes eligible for medicare;

(c) The date of expiration of the monthly period for which premiums were paid in the event of a nonpayment of premium;

(d) The date the terminated employee exercises the privilege provided under the group policy or contract for conversion to an individual or family policy or contract; or

(e) The date on which the group insurance policy or health maintenance organization agreement is terminated or the date the employer or employer trust trustee terminates participation under such policy or agreement;

(2) The monthly premium rate to be charged for such coverage shall not exceed one hundred two percent of the total premium which would have been charged for such coverage had the terminated employee still been a member of the insured group. Such total premium rate shall be paid by the terminated employee. The experience of such coverage shall be charged to the group policy or contract which is in force; and

(3) The interruption of employment due to a labor dispute shall not be considered to be an involuntary termination of employment.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 318, § 1; Laws 1993, LB 583, § 76; Laws 1994, LB 978, § 25; Laws 1995, LB 574, § 46.