85-2421. Violations of act; commission; petition for injunction; additional remedies.

If it appears to the commission that any entity is or has been violating the Postsecondary Institution Act or any of the rules, regulations, or orders of the commission, the commission may file a petition for injunction in the name of the commission in any court of competent jurisdiction in this state against such entity for the purpose of enjoining such violation or for an order directing compliance with the act and any rules, regulations, and orders. The commission shall not be required to allege or prove that there is no adequate remedy at law. The right of injunction provided in this section shall be in addition to any other legal remedy which the commission may possess and shall be in addition to any right of criminal prosecution provided by law. The commission shall not obtain a temporary restraining order without notice to the entity affected. The pendency of commission action with respect to alleged violations shall not operate as a bar to an action for injunctive relief pursuant to this section.

Source:Laws 2011, LB637, ยง 21.