77-2701.19. Maintenance agreement, defined.

(1) Maintenance agreement means any contract or agreement to provide or pay for the maintenance, repair, or refurbishing of an item, the sale of which is subject to tax under section 77-2703, for a stated period of time or interval of use. Maintenance agreement includes any such agreement whether or not the agreement requires additional payments for some or all of the parts or services provided under the agreement. Maintenance agreement includes contracts or agreements designated as warranties, extended warranties, guarantees, service agreements, maintenance agreements, or any similar term.

(2) Maintenance agreement does not include any contract or agreement subject to the premium tax under Chapter 77, article 9, from a service contract business operating with a certificate of authority from the Department of Insurance.

(3) The selling price of a maintenance agreement shall not have to be separately stated and may be included as a part of the selling price of the item covered.

Source:Laws 1993, LB 345, § 31; R.S.1943, (1996), § 77-2702.25; Laws 2003, LB 282, § 23.