77-27,199. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 77-27,197 to 77-27,209:

(1) Debt means combined tax due and payable to the Department of Labor pursuant to sections 48-655 and 48-656 or erroneous benefit payments due and payable to the department pursuant to sections 48-665 and 48-665.01; and

(2) Refund means any Nebraska state income tax refund which the Department of Revenue determines to be due an individual, corporate, or business taxpayer. In the case of a joint income tax return, it shall be presumed that each partner to the marriage submitting such return contributed one-half of the earnings upon which the refund is based. The presumption may be contested by the state, the debtor, and the innocent spouse by virtue of the hearing process prescribed in section 77-27,203.

Source:Laws 1993, LB 46, § 3; Laws 1997, LB 129, § 4.