77-27,168. Notice of claim to refund or state lottery prize; contents.

(1) Upon receipt of notification pursuant to section 77-27,167 that a debtor is entitled to a refund or a state lottery prize, the Department of Health and Human Services shall, within twenty days, send written notification to the debtor of an assertion of its rights, or of the rights of an individual not eligible as a public assistance recipient, to all or a portion of the debtor's refund or state lottery prize.

(2) The written notification shall clearly set forth the basis for the claim to the refund or state lottery prize, the intention to apply the refund or state lottery prize against the debt to a claimant, the debtor's opportunity to give written notice of intent to contest the validity of the claim before the Department of Health and Human Services within thirty days of the date of the mailing of the notice, the mailing address to which the application for a hearing must be sent, and notice that failure to apply for a hearing in writing within the thirty-day period will be deemed a waiver of the opportunity to contest the claim, causing a setoff by default.

In the case of a joint tax return, the notice shall also state the name of the taxpayer named in the return, if any, against whom no debt is claimed. There shall be no affirmative duty placed upon the non-owing spouse of an intercepted tax return to initiate an action to receive payment of the noninterceptable amount.

Source:Laws 1984, LB 845, § 14; Laws 1993, LB 138, § 75; Laws 1996, LB 1044, § 805; Laws 1997, LB 307, § 206.