77-2612. Tax Commissioner; personnel; rules and regulations; stamping agent; license; fee.

The Tax Commissioner may employ, with the advice and consent of the Governor, a sufficient number of inspectors, clerks, assistants, and agents to enforce sections 77-2601 to 77-2622, including the collection of all stamp taxes and all revenue from cigarette tax meters. In such enforcement, the Tax Commissioner may call to his or her aid the Attorney General, any county attorney, any sheriff, any deputy sheriff, or any other peace officer. The compensation of all persons employed shall be fixed by the Governor and shall be paid from the revenue derived under such sections. The expenses of administering such sections, including necessary assistants, clerical help, cost of enforcement, cost of stamps, and incidental expenses, when approved by the Tax Commissioner, shall be paid by warrants, issued against the General Fund, but such warrants shall not exceed four percent of the funds collected under such sections, such expenses in each instance to be approved by the Tax Commissioner.

The Tax Commissioner may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations which are consistent with sections 77-2601 to 77-2622 and their proper enforcement.

Each stamping agent shall annually apply to the Tax Commissioner, upon forms to be furnished by the Tax Commissioner, for a license to use the tax meter machines, as set forth in section 77-2603, or to purchase such stamps as provided in section 77-2608, or both. The license shall expire on December 31 each year. Each wholesale dealer applying for a stamping agent license shall furnish with such application evidence satisfactory to the Tax Commissioner showing that the wholesale dealer has obtained a license as a wholesale dealer in accordance with section 28-1423. The applicant shall accompany the application with a fee of five hundred dollars to be placed in the General Fund if the license is granted and otherwise to be returned to the applicant. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's social security number. If the application is approved and the bond referred to in section 77-2603 is given and approved, if such bond is required under section 77-2603, the Tax Commissioner shall issue such license which shall be conspicuously posted in the place of business of such stamping agent.

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