77-1916. Foreclosure proceedings; surplus proceeds; disposition; prorating.

If a surplus remains after satisfying all costs and taxes against any particular item of real property, the excess shall be applied in the manner provided by law for the disposition of the surplus in the foreclosure of mortgages on real property. If the proceeds are insufficient to pay the costs and all the taxes, when the plaintiff is a governmental subdivision other than a land bank or is a municipal corporation or a drainage or irrigation district, the amount remaining shall be prorated among the governmental subdivisions, municipal corporations, and drainage or irrigation districts in the proportion of their interest in the decree of foreclosure. The proceeds of the sale of one item of real property shall not be applied to the discharge of a lien for taxes against another item of real property except when so directed by the decree for foreclosure under the circumstances set forth in section 77-1910. The lien on real estate for special assessments levied by any sanitary and improvement district shall not be entitled to any surplus unless such special assessments have been previously offered for sale by the county treasurer.

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