77-1780. Tax refund; Tax Commissioner; powers; duties; interest.

(1) Pursuant to this section, the Tax Commissioner may approve the claim for refund, in whole or in part.

(2) The Tax Commissioner shall grant a hearing prior to taking any action on a claim for a refund if requested in writing by the taxpayer when the claim is filed or prior to any action being taken on the claim.

(3) The Tax Commissioner shall notify the taxpayer in writing of the denial of his or her claim for a refund. The notification shall be made by mail.

(4) Upon approval, the Tax Commissioner shall cause:

(a) A refund to be paid from the fund to which the tax was originally deposited;

(b) A credit to be established against the subsequent tax liability of the taxpayer if the amount of the credit does not exceed twelve times the average monthly tax liability of the taxpayer; or

(c) A credit to be applied to any other existing liability for any other tax collected by the Tax Commissioner.

(5) The payment of the claim for a refund, the allowance of a credit, or the application of the refund to an existing balance, in whole or in part, shall be considered a final decision of the Tax Commissioner for the purposes of the Administrative Procedure Act.

(6) Interest shall be paid from the date of overpayment or the date the tax was required to be paid, whichever is later, until the date the overpayment is refunded, credited, or applied.

(7) Interest shall be paid at the rate specified in section 45-104.02, as such rate may from time to time be adjusted.

Source:Laws 1987, LB 523, § 39; Laws 1996, LB 1041, § 4; Laws 2012, LB727, § 33.

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