77-1742. Collection of taxes, personal; statement of uncollected taxes filed by county treasurer; list of assessment errors.

On or before November 1 annually, and at such other times as the county board may direct, the county treasurer shall make out and file with the county clerk a statement in writing, setting forth in detail the name of each person charged with personal property tax which the county treasurer and his or her deputies have been unable to collect by reason of the removal or insolvency of the person charged with such tax, the value of the property and the amount of tax, the cause of inability to collect such tax in each separate case, in a column provided in the list for that purpose. The treasurer shall, at the same time, make out and file with the county clerk a similar detailed list of errors in assessment of real estate, and errors in footing of tax books, giving in each case a description of the property, the valuation and amount of the several taxes and special assessments, and cause of error. The truth of the statement contained in such lists shall be verified by affidavit of the county treasurer.

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