77-1703. Collection of taxes; separate payments; special assessments.

The treasurer shall receive taxes on part of any real property charged with taxes when a particular specification of the part is furnished. If the tax on the remainder of such real property remains unpaid, the treasurer shall enter such specification in his or her return so that the part on which the tax remains unpaid may be clearly known.

The tax may be paid on an undivided share of real property. In such case the treasurer shall designate on the record upon whose undivided share the tax has been paid.

The treasurer shall receive from any taxpayer at any time the amount due on account of special assessments of any kind including those levied for the use of any irrigation district whether other taxes on the same real property are paid or not. In such case, the tax receipt shall plainly show exactly what assessments have been paid and that no other tax on the real property has been received by the treasurer.

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