66-1848. Competitive natural gas providers and aggregators; terms, defined.

For purposes of this section and section 66-1849:

(1) Aggregator means a person who combines retail end users into a group and arranges for the acquisition of competitive natural gas services without taking title to those services; and

(2)(a) Competitive natural gas provider means a person who takes title to natural gas and sells it for consumption by a retail end user. Competitive natural gas provider includes an affiliate of a natural gas public utility.

(b) Competitive natural gas provider does not include the following:

(i) A jurisdictional utility;

(ii) A city-owned or operated natural gas utility or metropolitan utilities district in areas in which it provides natural gas service through pipes it owns; or

(iii) A natural gas public utility that is not subject to the act as provided in section 66-1803 in areas in which it is providing natural gas service in accordance with section 66-1803.

Source:Laws 2003, LB 790, ยง 48.