66-1331. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that Nebraska should continue its existing programs to encourage processing, market development, promotion, distribution, and research on products derived from grain, ethanol, or ethanol components, coproducts, or byproducts to provide for:

(1) Expanded use of Nebraska agricultural products;

(2) Efficient and less-polluting energy sources and reserves which will make Nebraska less energy dependent, reduce atmospheric carbon monoxide levels, and retain Nebraska dollars in the Nebraska economy to achieve a multiplier effect thereby generating additional jobs and tax income to the state rather than the export of Nebraska dollars;

(3) Development of protein which will be more efficiently stored and marketed to foreign nations rather than the present method of simple export of unprocessed grain products;

(4) Alternative local outlets for Nebraska agricultural products which can be particularly utilized in times of depressed grain prices so as to give Nebraskans greater control of their crop marketing procedures rather than have crop marketing procedures too dependent upon federal agencies, major grain exporters, and foreign purchasers. Local outlets may include ethanol plants, agricultural production facilities, or facilities related to the processing, marketing, or distribution of ethanol or products derived from ethanol or ethanol components, coproducts, or byproducts;

(5) Cooperation with private industry to establish ethanol-related production facilities in Nebraska to create demand for agricultural products;

(6) Promotion and market development, in cooperation with private industry, of ethanol or products derived from ethanol or ethanol components, coproducts, or byproducts; and

(7) Sponsorship of research and development of industrial and commercial uses for agricultural ethanol and for byproducts resulting from the manufacturing of agricultural ethanol in order to enhance economic feasibility and marketing potential of such products and processes.

Source:Laws 1993, LB 364, ยง 2.