Nebraska Revised Statute 60-3,166

Chapter 60


Law enforcement officers; arrest violators; violations; penalty; payment of taxes and fees.

It shall be the duty of all law enforcement officers to arrest all violators of any of the provisions of sections 60-373, 60-374, 60-375, 60-376, 60-378, 60-379, and 60-3,114 to 60-3,116. Any person, firm, or corporation, including any motor vehicle, trailer, or boat dealer or manufacturer, who fails to comply with such provisions shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor and, in addition thereto, shall pay the county treasurer any and all motor vehicle taxes and fees imposed in sections 60-3,185 and 60-3,190, registration fees, or certification fees due had the motor vehicle or trailer been properly registered or certified according to law.