48-804.01. Presiding officer; clerk; personnel; appointment; duties.

The presiding officer of the commission shall, with the advice and consent of the Governor, appoint a clerk of such commission who shall hold office at the pleasure of the commission. The presiding officer shall in like manner appoint such other assistants and employees as he or she may deem necessary. The clerk shall, under the direction of the presiding officer, keep a full and true record of the proceedings of the commission and record all pleadings and other papers filed with the commission, and no other action shall be taken thereon until the same has been recorded. The clerk shall in like manner issue all necessary notices and writs, superintend the business of the commission, and perform such other duties as the commission may direct. All other assistants and employees of the commission shall perform such duties, pertaining to the affairs thereof, as the commission may direct. The clerk of the commission shall administratively determine, prior to a hearing on the question of representation, the validity of the employee authorizations for representation by an employee labor organization.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 819, § 3; Laws 2007, LB472, § 3.